4 Ways to Stress Less and Celebrate More with Guided Meditation

By Lindsay Lee November 20, 2017

As the holiday season arrives, it always seems to bring mixed feelings: excitement about spending time with family, stress about buying gifts, mouth watering anticipation at the thought of turkey dinners, and dread of clogged roads and airport delays. We all try our best to remember what the season is really about—joy, cheer, and, love—but sometimes the stress creeps in anyways. What to do?

We got to thinking about ways to help stay calm during the most wonderful (and sometimes most anxious) season of the year. So we talked to the experts over at Meditation Studio App about how meditation keeps them calm, focused, and ready to handle whatever life throws at them. On top of their expert advice, they shared a few complimentary guided meditations to help you get started on your journey to a more zen-like holiday season (cue the softly falling snow).

1. Meditation helps you be kinder to yourself.

My mind is bananas (I know I’m not special in that regard!) and meditation helps me cultivate a compassionate relationship with my mind and, ultimately, with myself.”  Chrissy Carter, Yoga and Meditation Teacher

2. Meditation eases tension in your body.

“Meditating isn’t just about our thoughts. It’s also a physical act that has ripple effects throughout our bodies. That feeling when you unclench your shoulders after realizing they were tense? That’s what meditation gives you, all over.In our relaxed state, every experience is so much richer.” -Michael Apollo, Mindfulness Expert, Educator U of Toronto

3. Meditation creates mental space.
“I used to feel like I was living in a cramped closet with all my crazy thoughts… now its like I still have my thoughts, but I’m living in an airplane hangar. Mindfulness doesn’t change my thoughts exactly, but it does change how I relate to them.” Dr. Chris Willard, Mindfulness teacher and psychologist

4. Meditation gives you the power to focus.
“When I practice consistently, I don’t drop my phone. I don’t lose my keys. I make less mistakes…Being mindful makes me more productive.” -Cara Bradley, Yoga and Meditation Teacher, author On The Verge

Enjoy these complimentary meditations from Meditation Studio to stress less and celebrate more:

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