Feeling the Love ❤️

By Brandless August 8, 2017

Wow! What a crazy, fun (and crazy fun) few weeks it has been. From the bottom of our heart: thank you to everyone who made our launch so amazing. From Insta stories to unboxing videos to Facebook posts (not to mention our very own fan product review site!) we love feeling your excitement and hearing your stories. So keep it coming! You guys really helped us spread the #brandlesslife.

We’ve also been humbled by the awesome reaction from reviewers, reporters and design-obsessed pros who took the time to hear our story and try our stuff.

Here’s a rundown of the magic that happened when the world met Brandless

Better everything for just $3?

From our Chocolate Chip Cookie Thins to our Unscented Body Lotion, we put a lot of time, thought and love into our stuff. So we were thrilled to finally get a chance to introduce it into the world and hear what you thought. Glamour and Epicurious were especially kind:

The body moisturizer is packed with safflower oil, aloe, and essential fatty acids, and left our upper arms moisturized for hours without any sticky feeling. Holy grail.” – Glamour

There’s a $3 Chef’s Knife on the Market and It’s Actually Kind of Great.” – Epicurious

Simplicity and Goodness (all in one fine-looking package)

At Brandless, we put the goodness front and center. Our packaging was designed to be simple, easy to read and to tell you exactly what’s inside. No distractions, no nonsense. We’re so excited by the reactions we got from the design pros.

“Brandless is trying to emphasize the products it sells rather than the brand itself…This is all in service of Brandless’s conviction that simple, straightforward presentation of what exactly customers care about most should be front and center on food packaging.” – Fast Co Design

Brandless aims to democratise the grocery industry by stripping away brand labels and treating products equally.” -Dezeen

And even from our amazing customers!

Back to basics… what a great business idea!  Kind of goes well with the KISS principle (Keep it simple…st…), well, you get where I’m going. – Candice

The shipment came quickly and I was ecstatic at the detailed packaging (I completely nerded out about it with my manager). – Michelle

Living #brandlesslife

We’re a company on a mission. And it’s bigger than just creating the perfect quinoa puff (though, mission accomplished 😉 ). We want everyone to have access to better stuff, and it means the world to us that our mission resonated with publications we admire:

“what’s most interesting about Brandless’ model is not the pricing scheme, but the brand’s greater vision: the ‘Brandless life.’” – Forbes

“A new online retailer is betting it can get American shoppers to break up with big brands.” –Wall Street Journal

“It’s probably never been a better time to be a new CPG brand.” – TechCrunch

And people we love!

Again, we couldn’t be prouder of the unbelievable community that has formed around the Brandless mission. Thank you! 🙏 🙏 🙏